Leipers Fork Bluegrass Band

If you like Bluegrass you will Love Leipers Fork Bluegrass Group....

With a mix of bluegrass, country, pop, blues and gospel, Leipers Fork Bluegrass is a hard driving, hard working group that with its music and humor, always gets the audience up off its feet and involved in the performances.

The Leipers Fork Bluegrass Group consist of five musicians that comprise of a five string banjo, mandolin, rhythm guitar, acoustic upright bass, and fiddle. A great endeavor and emphasis are endowed to the four part harmony created by the group. Whether it is a good ole foot stomping hand clapping or gospel bluegrass song the group strives to perform and enlighten a song with some of the best picking and harmonies that can be heard today. An uncommon mix of talent is driven by the unforeseen years of musical experience the group encompasses.

The group have a great following of fans in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan and Louisiana areas and looking to expand their fan base to other areas.

Thanks for your consideration-- LEIPERS FORK BLUEGRASS

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